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Launched in April 2020, the All Bets Are Off podcast was founded by an awesome foursome made up of three gambling addicts in recovery, along with a passionate researcher whose father struggled with a gambling addiction. From season two, the team are joined by loving wife and paramedic Tracey, whose partner was able to find recovery around the same time the pod originally launched.


The podcast is designed for those that are in recovery or those that are contemplating joining us. This is a gambling addiction recovery podcast but it's available for everyone and so - whatever your motivation for listening to us - we just hope that you enjoy and get something from it.

On our website you will find links to every episode of the podcast and more about the team that created them. You will also find very useful links to a whole host of support services and charities; along with tips on how to safeguard minors from gambling harm.


Click here to learn more about the team that create the All Bets Are Off podcast.


Do not suffer in silence. Click here to be redirected to a whole host of support services and charities.


Listen to every episode of the podcast at the click of a button.


Check out what our listeners make of the podcast.

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Following the early success of the podcast we launched TalkGEN C.I.C.

Whilst continuing to produce listening content through the All Bets Are Off podcast we shall be conducting evidence-based research that helps to further understanding of gambling-harm, gaming-harm, and addictions. This will always be independent of industry influence. 


Further down the line we will culminate the voices of experts by experience with our evidence-based research to provide unique insights for medical professionals, education professionals, the general public and decision-makers.

For further information click here or visit our website

TalkGEN C.I.C is, of course, strictly not-for-profit. However, we do welcome donations. Whether this be a gratuitous payment because you have enjoyed listening to our content and/or you support the broader cause. 

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The All Bets Are Off podcast is brought to you in association with Gamban. An easy-to-use application that's available across all platforms that will instantly block access to thousands of gambling websites. For more information visit

To hear more about our partnership with Gamban please click here.

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