all bets

are off



Hey! My name is Kishan or Kish for short. I am a fifth year Medical Student at Imperial College London and an NHS Clinical Entrepreneur. 

I have not personally had a gambling addiction but I have witnessed gambling-related harm from an early age though my Dad, who had an undiagnosed and unresolved problem with gambling. I did try and help my Dad with managing his health, but sadly he passed away suddenly when I was 15 years old.

At the age of 22, after learning skills from prominent researchers at Imperial while undertaking a BSc in Surgical Design, Technology and Innovation, I chose to explore the evidence-base on gambling harm.

After a few months of independent research in my spare time, I set up 'Gambling Crisis' and financed it with student loans. I aim to ensure that all evidence is assessed appropriately and with scientific rigor, in the hope that meaningful change in policy, research, health and legislation, can help others. I think my alternate experience and take on things will probably bring something slightly different to the podcast - or so I hope!