all bets

are off



Hi, I am Tracey and I am married to Ray who is a recovering gambling addict. Ray's last bet was on 8th April 2020 and I am hoping it stays this way. 

As an affected other I have watched the most sensible person I know be roped into a world of lies, deceit and destruction. This subsequently led to my husband being depressed; so much so that unbeknown to me he had planned to kill himself. Fortunately Ray finally confided in me and I am thankful every day that he had the confidence and bravery to do so. I believe that nothing is ever bad enough to not have a listening ear and/or receive help. 

Early in Ray's recovery I stumbled upon the All Bets Are Off podcast and I am so pleased that I did. Ray and I listened together and sometimes separately - if this podcast proves anything, it proves that we are not alone. There are others in our situation - some further along with their recovery and others who will only just be starting out.

I work as a Senior Paramedic in sunny Blackpool and I am passionate about promoting awareness and providing support to all staff who are currently struggling or affected by gambling addiction. I am desperate to make a difference to ensure that people have more protection from the gambling industry. Affordability checks, regular welfare checks, less promotion encouragement and ultimately more consumer safety full stop.


I joined at the start of season two of the podcast and I am looking forward to being a part of the panel and hoping together we can help people and drive positive change.