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The All Bets Are Off podcast is brought to you in association with Gamban. Gamban is software you can install on all of your devices to stop yourself from online gambling. Several of the team behind Gamban have experienced their own problems with gambling which led to the creation of the product. It’s now been shown to be the most effective blocking software for blocking online gambling and a useful tool to help with recovery.

This newly-formed alliance will go a long way in enabling The All Bets Are Off podcast to produce a better standard of broadcasting from season two and beyond. Show host Ryan Pitcher elaborates further on this point and talks about the vision and values of the podcast, "The All Bets Are Off podcast is undertaking a progressive journey and the support of Gamban will play a major role in helping us to achieve our goal of growing our audience and getting this gambling addiction recovery podcast out to the masses. The feedback that we have had from those in recovery, along with gambling addiction support services and industry researchers, has been overwhelming. Our aim is to diversify our content as much as possible and shine the spotlight on groups of people that may be under-represented within recovery and the sector at large."


Jack Symons, the Co-Founder and Director of Gamban said of the partnership,"We’re thrilled to support the All Bets Are Off podcast. The conversational approach from Ryan, Chris and Kish is so important for people at all stages of recovery. For many, problem gambling may feel alienating and prevent seeking further help. Being able to talk is so important and that’s why the TalkGEN team set such a good example. In choosing to support the All Bets Are Off podcast, we want to ensure total broadcasting independence and ensure that nothing in conversation is off-limits. For some, problem gambling can lead to mental ill-health, relationship breakdown, bankruptcy, crime and suicide. We tend to look at vast problem gambling statistics without fully respecting that every single one of us have a life affected, directly or indirectly, by gambling. By talking, we can humanise these statistics and increase recognition that there is a story behind each statistic.”

Retaining that independence and freedom to express ourselves is paramount to the continued success of the podcast and TalkGEN Ltd as an entity as emphasised by co-host Chris Gilham, "The support of Gamban presents us with a wonderful opportunity to kick-on and grow the podcast and TalkGEN Ltd. Along with the product itself, one of the things that instantly attracted us to Jack and Gamban, was the no-strings attached arrangement and the trust that they've placed in us to go on doing what we're already doing. We have a very clear vision of where we're wishing to take this - the continuation of producing listening content, along with pursuing our own independent research into gambling harms and educating our future generations so that they don't have to go through what many of us have been through."

Co-host Kishan Patel further wished to express his gratitude to Gamban for giving the team this wonderful opportunity, "This really is our passion. Each and every time I, or another member of the team, receive a message of thanks it really does give us a warm feeling inside and we just crave to help more and more people whether that be in their recovery or by being pro-active in campaigning for positive change. On a personal note I would like to take this opportunity to thank Gamban for getting right behind us and spurring us on. Of course, there need be no motivation to change peoples lives for the better and we strongly believe we can do this through the power of communication whether this be through the podcast, conducting independent research and education. Long may this partnership continue."

For further information regarding Gamban then please visit their website by clicking here.

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