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"When I was in recovery from addiction I know I would have benefited hugely from hearing the insights and experiences of the All Bets Are Off team. Understanding what causes people to get addicted to gambling was such an important component for me in being able to quit, particularly learning about how the industry can influence our behaviour. The All Bets Are Off podcast is already helping so many in that regard." 

Matt Zarb-Cousin (Clean Up Gambling)

"Words said by people with lived experience are powerful. Looking out for others going through what you've felt by talking is an amazing way to push for  needed change. That's why we recommend listening to the All Bets Are Off podcast."


"If you are in recovery - or want to be - please give this podcast a listen. Thoroughly thought-provoking and interesting discussion."


"Knowledgeable, insightful and inspiring. Very much looking forward to listening to future episodes."

Citizens Advice Gambling Support Service (Yorkshire)

"Brilliant work guys - highly recommend listening to this!"

Gambling Support Service (East Midlands)

"At RecoverMe we are not only huge fans of the podcast who tune in every week, but we were delighted to speak about our novel treatment solution. The content of the podcast is insightful, engaging and often very humbling to listen to. Keep up all the great work!"


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