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Gambling Education Network

When we began the All Bets Are Off podcast in April 2020 we certainly didn't envisage that just three months later we would be launching a charity.

By virtue of talking about gambling-harms, gaming-harms, and addiction on the podcast, we have seen first-hand the results that this can have through the kind messages of support and the overriding positive feedback that the team has had. This only enhanced our appetite for wanting to do more in this area and it's from that moment the 'Gambling Education Network' concept was born.

Gambling Education Network logo cropped.png

Discussion is pivotal to all three areas that we aim to cover - listening content, research and education and so that's where the 'talk' part of the name came about for our previous name: 'TalkGEN'.

GEN stands for Gambling Education Network and is also a slight play on words i.e. noun 'information' and seeing as we are so passionate about ensuring that our future generations are well-informed on this subject then the GEN abbreviation just seemed to work perfectly.

Our Mission

> To improve the health of those suffering from gambling-harm by promoting addiction recovery, the mitigation of harm, and preventing harm in the first place through the development and dissemination of insight, advice, and support.

> To engage with and to conduct research, so that an evidence-based approach can be utilised to further the understanding of gambling-harm, gaming-harm, and addictions.

> To improve education by using an evidence-based public health approach towards matters relating to gambling-harm, gaming-harm and addictions.

For further information regarding Gambling Education Network (Charity Number: 1196538) please visit our website

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