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The Big Step's primary aim is for football to be completely free of gambling advertisement on shirts, in the ground, during TV broadcasts and on social media to protect children from gambling exposure. They would like football clubs to work with them to educate and raise awareness of the risks of gambling addiction caused by harmful industry products & practices, and for football to abandon the 'Responsible Gambling' narrative and messaging. The Big Step works closely with Gambling With Lives in wanting to prevent gambling related suicides.


Gamvisory are a group that help to enlighten disordered gamblers on tri-accountability to help ease their shame and guilt. This EbE-led group believe that stopping gambling by being made aware and enlightened on things such as industry practice and product-design then this gives the individual a better prospect of achieving results in recovery and alongside medical treatment.


EPIC Risk Management utilise their experience to identify potential problems and deliver bespoke, effective solutions, to a wide range of sectors. 

The EPIC team proudly contains a number of reformed problem gamblers and use their first-hand accounts to educate, caution and inspire. By understanding your need they will then work with you to develop game-changing solutions to any identified gaps, and deliver a sustainable strategy to address them.


We first came across the man behind 'ProbGamNI' when he popped up on our social channels; utilising Instagram and Twitter to share his story in video form. The young man in question turned out to be Jamie Smith who later appeared on our podcast to share his story (click here to read Jamie's story via News Letter). 

The ABAO team hit it off with Jamie from very early on and there is now continuous dialogue between us with an aim of collaboration in the future. We recommend that you go and check him out and give him a follow over on Instagram and Twitter.


Now We Win is a social enterprise determined to support you to quit gambling and move on. They run workout support groups on ZOOM for people who are ready to quit gambling and win in life. Positive, confidential and run by ex-gamblers.


Scotland's newest support network for those affected by gambling harm. Chatter are peer support group offering free support to anyone that's in need through 1-2-1 or group talk therapy and coaching. Be sure to check them out!

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